A Brand New Person

I have been very quiet on the blog front: there have been no posts on my blog for over a month. Four weeks ago to this day, our son Oliver was born. He is our first child and we’re finding parenthood to be an amazing experience. It can be quite demanding at times, but the smiles make it all worthwhile.

Oliver's Big Smile

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Oliver really enjoys the bath, as is evidenced by his big smile. Another thing that he really enjoys is his sling which can be seen in the following photo. It is a Natures-Sway sling that carries him close to the body. In the following photo you can see me out for the afternoon walking around the viaduct with Oliver. He really enjoys it and it allows me to carry him around with both arms free.

Oliver at the Viaduct

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He also finds white-noise very settling. For example, the noise from the vacuum cleaner is very settling, especially when vacuuming tiles which give an additional periodic sound as the vacuum cleaner rides over the cracks between tiles. This explains this final photo which is me with Oliver in the sling, vacuuming the kitchen tiles at 2am in the morning! Due to the frequency that I now vacuum these tiles, they must be the most dust-free that they have ever been!

Oliver enjoys vacuuming!

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Disclosure: I have no financial interest in Natures-Sway. …but maybe I should since I am an enthusiastic convert of their sling and their hammock!

4 thoughts on “A Brand New Person”

  1. Seeing photos of Kelvin and Oliver is great… but where is mum Sarah?
    On the assumption these photos stay here and that periodically more photos are added, then over time this can develop into a developmental record of Oliver (AND we can track the changes in Kelvin too!).
    I shall watch with interest!!!


  2. Congrats Kelvin, we are having our first baby in 3 weeks.

    I think my wife has bought a sling for me, but to do the vacuuming? I am not sure :)

    What a cutie mate!


    Kelvin Hartnall Reply:

    Thanks – we think he is extremely cute too, though we are very biased!

    Concerning vacuuming, it definitely wasn’t the intention when we purchased the sling, but Oliver quickly conditioned me into keeping the floors very clean! We have since purchased a CD that has a number of tracks such as ‘Vacuuming the floors’, ‘dishwasher’, and ‘running water’. Hitting play on ‘Vaccuming the floors’ works magic, but with the drawback that our floors are no longer as clean as they used to be ;-)

    All the best with your soon to be expected first baby – expect your life to change completely!


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