Toughen Up – Michael Hill

I’ve just finished reading Michael Hill’s recently released book ‘Toughen Up’, which I really enjoyed. Michael Hill is the founder of the Michael Hill Jewellery chain which is a publically listed company on the NZSX. I had two motivations in reading his auto-biography. First, I have a share-holding in Michael Hill International (MHI), so I took a lot of interest in Michael Hill’s business philosophy.   …Read more »

The 4-Hour Work Week

I’ve just finished reading the ‘The 4-Hour Workweek’ by Tim Ferriss. Actually, I sped read it skipping over some of the typical hype that these popular books tend to have. Being very selective of what we read is actually one of Tim’s recommendations, so I’m sure he won’t be upset to learn that I didn’t feel the need to read his entire book.   …Read more »

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